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Measuring approximately 20" tall, this all glass Hookah set is the perfect size for a party or a simple kick back. This glass hookah is handmade with high quality glass and produces clouds unlike anything else. Rest assured, you will be getting a high quality product for a very good deal. You will be receiving a COMPLETE set in a safe and secure chic casing. In this set is the main body, long neck downstem, ashtray with connection, female bowl, purge, tong, and a premium silicone hose. A bright LED light with a remote is also in your set. This Hookah’s Euro model is composed of several glass parts. These glass parts are heated, sculpted, and finished using high grade heat resistant borosilicate glass. Made by professional glass sculptors, this glass hookah is what all the glass hookah enthusiasts are raving about. The craftsmanship is great and the clouds are huge! Traditional metal hookahs are made using toxic metals and will rust over time. This causes an unpleasant taste. This all glass hookah is easy to clean and produces a pure taste. In addition to the purity this glass hookah provides, the hose it comes with is super easy to clean and 100% waterproof. The hose is made using food grade silicone and is odorless right out of the box.

Large EVISHA Glass Hookah (No briefcase)

$230.00 Regular Price
$140.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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  • To ensure the health safety of our customers, items sold by Evisha Luxury Hookah are FINAL SALE ITEMS. No returns or exchanges are allowed for any purchases. In the rare event that a defective hookah is received, Evisha can offer a refund. To receive a refund, the customer must submit visual proof (picture, video, etc) of the defect within TEN days of receipt of the product. No refunds will be offered after that date or without submission of evidence of the defect.

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